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Serial killer keeps on striking

Serial killer … Just in case we get complacent, just in case we should forget that suicide does not discriminate (it really doesn’t), a sad news article appeared yesterday concerning the apparent suicide of 52 year old Chris Cornell, lead singer of American rock bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, who died after hanging himself, it is...
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MHAW – Carry On Talking

Talking #MHAW As mental health awareness week draws to a close, it’s vital that we all carry on talking.  It’s fantastic that attention is drawn so publicly to the mental health issues that are so prevalent through this week long initiative, but raising awareness mustn’t stop now. We now need to build upon the additional...
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MHAW Day 3 Without Boundaries

Day 3 of Mental Health Awareness Week ( #MHAW ) and we’re keen to encourage a ‘no boundaries’ attitude towards suicide and mental health issues, by helping to eliminate silence, stigma and isolation. We can only move forward by initiating dialogue and keeping it open.  The boundaries that encase stigma and silence should play no...
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Congratulations Hope Garner

Mental Health Awareness Week Day 2 – Congratulations Hope Garner! It seems only fitting that during this special awareness week, we pay tribute to an amazing young woman who has supported SOS from the beginning and is a firm advocate of encouraging speech over silence whilst slapping stigma in the face in relation to suicide...
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