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SOS Networking Event

Sponsored by Crowne Plaza, Stratford Upon Avon

SOS Silence of Suicide sponsored by Crowne Plaza – Networking Initiative

SOS Silence of Suicide, kindly sponsored by Crowne Plaza Stratford and hosted by founders Michael Mansfield QC & Yvette Greenway, visits Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire for the first time in November.

This is a free event and we recommend you attend if you’ve been affected by suicide in any way.

Whilst everyone is encouraged to speak and share their stories, it is equally important that we all take time to listen to each other.

Our initiatives give everyone the chance to contribute in whatever way they feel comfortable with – for 2 hours, you can discuss suicide without fear of judgement or ridicule in the company of others who’ve also lived your experience.

You’ll also get the opportunity to watch our SOS Silence of Suicide Film, featuring input from Ruby Wax and Clarke Carlisle.

The Crowne Plaze has superb facilities and is located within walking distance of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. We are thrilled that they are sponsoring our event and excited about exploring further SOS opportunities with them going forward.

Parking & Refreshments will be available.

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