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TKPG/SOS to meet with Theresa May

Two ladies and a gentleman ….

Monica Shafaq, CEO of The Kaleidoscope Plus Group, together with Yvette Greenway and Michael Mansfield QC, Founders of SOS Silence of Suicide, are continuously working away behind the scenes to get our work noticed, our brand visibility enhanced, so that we can continue to deliver the services our users both want and need.

Earlier in the year, we were due to meet Theresa May, the then Home Secretary. Sadly, for us, this appointment was cancelled once she became Prime Minister and there was a period of uncertainty as to whether or not we’d get another opportunity to meet with her, to discuss our work and our future plans.

However, we’re not easily put off and with our insistence, together with the assistance of Charles Walker MP, we are pleased to announce that we have been granted a meeting with the Prime Minister on 16 November.

And so it is that two ladies and a gentleman are off to London – to speak to someone who, in her opening PM speech, stated that mental health was an important topic on her agenda.

We are hopeful the meeting will be constructive and positive and that our work gains her support and recognition.

Updates in November after our meeting!

Speaking to Central News

Speaking to Central News